Get Outta Town: Experience the Winchester Mystery House

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- With Halloween fast approaching, what better way to get into the spooky spirit than with a tour of San Jose's Winchester Mystery House! Legend claims that Sarah Winchester was cursed by the souls of those slain by guns manufactured through her husband's firearms company. After moving west, Sarah purchased an eight-bedroom farmhouse and began constructing a mansion large enough to house the spirits whom she believed were haunting her. For thirty-eight years, Sarah built what is known today as the iconic Winchester Mystery House complete with 160 rooms, 13 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, and so much more!

Get ready to explore this historical landmark with the following house tours:

Mansion Tour: Take a journey through 110 of the 160 rooms of the Winchester Mystery House with the Mansion Tour! Guests will feast their eyes on the mansion's extraordinary architectural attributes, such as stairs leading to ceilings, doors that open into walls, a window built into the floor, and more! During the 65-minute tour, visitors will also see the iconic "$25,000 Room," Séance Room, Grand Ballroom, and Sarah Winchester's bedroom among other destinations. Prices range from $20-$37.

Explore More Tour: Want to see more of the mansion? As the first tour to be offered at the Winchester Mystery House in over 20 years, the Explore More Tour takes guests to areas of the mansion that have been off limits for decades. Throughout the 2 hour and 15 minute tour, visitors will venture from the very bottom of the grand manor to the rooftops all while navigating lonely corridors, as well as unfinished spaces that have been undisturbed for more than a century. Prices range from $20-$47.

Halloween Candlelight Tour: Have you ever wondered what it is like to roam through the Winchester Mystery House at night? With the annual Halloween Candlelight Tour guests can embark on a guided exploration through the dark mansion after hours. With only the flickering light of your caretaker's (tour guide) candle to lead the way, there is no telling what sights, sounds, and smells one may encounter during the spooky, 65-minute journey. Brave visitors may experience this tour for a limited time during October 2017. Prices range from $20-$49.

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