It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here's some handy advice from your local pirate supply store

Talking like a pirate doesn't have to be cliche.

You can discover your own style. 826 Valencia, the Bay Area's pirate supply store says, "Rather than demean the wordsmiths of the sea, celebrate the well-spoken captains of times past." They like Mark Twain or Shakespeare.

We should mention that this supply store has a higher purpose. 826 Valencia is a learning center on many different levels. Of course you can learn about all things pirate, but this not-for-profit store focuses on creating a better future for kids. Their real goal is to help under-resourced students refine writing skills and help teachers get kids excited about the literary arts.

No wonder they prefer "R" to "Arrgh.' Good suggestion, from a good source, doing good work. We're on board!

Click here to see the creative ways 826 Valencia is helping kids.
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