Rachel professes feelings of love, then rips them away on 'The Bachelorette'

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A clip of Peter talking to his friends during his hometown date on ABC's "The Bachelorette."

It's time for Rachel to meet the parents on "The Bachelorette" during her final four's hometown dates!

Eric's hometown was up first, Baltimore! He quickly told her that they were in the nice part of Baltimore, and that is not where he grew up. He grew up in the rougher part of the city. He drove her into that part of town to a basketball court where he always used to play as a child. They had a great time playing together. His cousin met up with them on the court, and he revealed that Eric hasn't brought a girl home since prom! But he revealed what an inspiration Eric is for their family and for him personal by everything he's accomplished in his life.

Rachel was very nervous to meet Eric's family, but they gave her a warm welcome! She said they immediately put her at ease. Rachel had him tell them the story of how they first met at "After the Final Rose" and how they have been traveling the world the past few weeks. During her talk with Eric's aunt, she talked about her struggle making decisions due to her race and what other people of different races think of what she does. His aunt also told her that Eric isn't afraid of commitment and he's ready to get married. His mother was a big fan of Rachel and thought that she brought out so much love in her son. Eric ended their date by telling Rachel that he has feelings of love for her and that he means that he really cares for her and cares about everything about her in her life. Rachel says she is definitely falling for Eric!

Turn up the heat, it's time for Rachel's date with Bryan in Miami! She can hardly stand his sexiness and charm! She ran to him and immediately started kissing his face, that seemed much for passionate then her initial reaction to seeing Eric. He took her to Miami Beach to play dominos like the locals do. Then they went to 8th Street where there was dancing, shopping and food.

At Bryan's family's house, you could tell right away that he's a momma's boy. She said that Bryan was her "most precious gift." While that may be true, it's a big much upon first meeting! Bryan told his mother that he thinks that Rachel is "the one!" His mother says that he's been out with so many girls that for him to say that "the girl from the show" is the one is a big shock! Rachel just hoped that she could convey that she's not looking to steal her son, she just wants to love him. Rachel told his mother that Bryan has a great heart and makes her want to be a better person. His mother said that, "I just want to advise you that if you marry him, you are marrying the family too." She went as far as to say that if Bryan isn't happy, "I will kill you." No pressure Rachel, no pressure. She laughed it off with class, but this was intense! His mother added that she prayed at church that if she is the one that Bryan loves that they will be happy together. Aw! Bryan took Rachel outside and told her that he is in love with her and he couldn't keep it in anymore!

Next, Rachel traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, to see Peter. She leapt into his arms and they had a very strong embrace. Rachel said that she is really excited about Peter, but worries he won't be ready to propose to her in time. After walking through the city, they went to a restaurant to meet up with some of Peter's friends. They joked about how most of Peter's friends are black, but it wasn't a focal point of the date. The friends all told Rachel how great Peter is and that he's a goofy guy. Peter asked for some guy time with his guy friends and revealed that the prospect of proposing to Rachel is terrifying to him. He wants to get to know Rachel in the "real world" but that's not really possible right now.

They went to Peter's family's house where they met his parents, his brother, his brother's wife and their children. They told his family about how they met, how Peter was first out of the limo, and how she gave him the first one-on-one date. He joked about how he accidentally grabbed Rachel's butt as he went to grab the small of her back as they headed out a doorway. Rachel loved seeing him play with the children and how he could be a great father someday. Peter and his mother talked about how he still has his walls up, but his mother urged him to follow his heart. Everyone kept telling them that they loved the chemistry between them, but it seems they feel like Rachel is ahead of Peter in the feelings department. His mother told Rachel that he's ready to share a life with someone, but he might not be ready to propose just yet. That was really disheartening for Rachel to hear, and Peter also didn't reveal any love feelings yet.

Lastly, Rachel visited Aspen, Colorado, to meet Dean's family. They saved the best and most eccentric for last on this one! They started their date by riding ATVs around in a field and just having some fun together. When they were done, Dean explained who she would be meeting, which is his brothers, sister, father and father's wife. It's very different because his father is a converted Sikh and wears a turban, but this is a man who clearly has some issues. Rachel said that Dean should still try to have contact with his father and tell him he loves him, but this is all without meeting him yet.

Dean walked into his father's house and immediate asked why they were all sitting on the floor, and his father said, "Because we don't have a table." Then his dad got up and thought it would be fun to play the gong for everyone as they laid on the floor. He gave a very heartfelt speech about his wife and how feathers were symbol for her and she gave one to his son and Rachel. Rachel thought it was beautiful. They shared a meal that was a little unusual with mung beans, but everyone seemed to like it. Dean said that he wasn't very hungry because he ate beforehand and that seemed to disappoint his father. Dean's sister said that he's been an inspiration to her on how he's handled everything and stayed so strong. Rachel was very touched by how much Dean means to her.

Dean told his father that although he was financially supported by his father, his dad was not there for them emotionally at all. Dean and his father had it out over the whole issue and was heartbreaking. His father apologized for not being maternal enough and able to fill that emotional role for him, but still didn't seem to get it. His dad doesn't understand how Dean can be stuck in the past, and more or less stormed off. Dean told him that he loves him regardless and his dad said, "Whatever." Dean sat there with frustration and tears in his eyes. Rachel tried to talk to his dad, but then he stood up and said, "no, no," once he started to talk about Dean's "harsh feelings" about him. He told Rachel that he honors her feelings for Dean, and he would talk to her more if the relationship went further. As Dean and Rachel were talking inside the house, his father was lingering outside and looking in the window. Dean told Rachel that he's falling in love with her. Rachel told him that she knew this was hard for him, and revealed that she's falling for him too. Wow. She's just blown away by him.

Chris Harrison gave Rachel a pep talk before the big rose ceremony. He told her it's okay to struggle and have a hard time with this process. Rachel reiterated that she just feels very selfish, yet knows she has to be, but she hates doing it "at the expense of other people." Rachel gave roses to: Bryan, Eric, and Peter. Oh no! Poor Dean! She picked uncertain Peter over Dean! She must have really felt like his situation and maybe his young age is not something she could take on at this point in time. She told Dean that she really did mean everything she said to him, and she knows that's hard for him to hear that right in that moment. He told her that he hopes that she finds what she's looking for.

Next week, time to get sexy on the overnight Fantasy Suite Dates!
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