Wizard World Comic Con in full swing in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The combination of fantasy and fun is centered in San Jose this weekend. Costumed comic enthusiasts have gathered for Wizard World Comic Con.

"I'm still trying to soak it in. There's so much here I wanted to check out," San Francisco resident Mark Mendoza said.

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This is a place where stars and real and approachable. Former Superman Dean Cain and the Incredible Hulk Louie Ferrigno are in attendance.

"It's not just a comic convention. It's pop culture, where you have entertainment, a lot of joy, a lot of happiness of all different generations," Ferrigno said.

This is where it's not unusual to see a mini Storm Trooper posing with a Predator or see the worlds of DC Comics and Marvel Comics come together.

VIDEO: World of wizardry comes to life at San Jose Comic Con

"It lets you dive in, kind of go into anything. You can see these crossovers too, which are fun. Like us right now, where we can dress up as Wonder Woman and Captain America and people won't blink an eye. They'll be like oh that's cool, let's get a picture," San Jose resident Dillon Sappingfield said.

But it's more than just a place to snap pictures with characters, Wizard World Comic Con is billed as the place where pop culture comes to life.

That Star Wars Tauntaun toy you've been looking for since you were a kid, it's here. That limited edition Avengers trench coat you've always wanted, it's here too.

Swords that you would usually see in cartoons or video games, you can really pick up. This is really heavy.

It's not quite as big as Comic Con in San Diego but veterans of the Southern California event gave this con their seal of approval.

"It's small, but I love it. Like, it's awesome being here for like only a short amount of time already. I'm having so much fun," Santa Cruz resident Sam Rawls said.

Tickets are still available and nearly everyone who's in costume plans to be here all weekend - and they love posing for pictures!

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