Oregon community college shooting stirs gun control debate

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) -- Thursday's shooting in Oregon brings gun control issues to the forefront once again.

President Barack Obama responded forcefully to the deadly shooting with frustration and anger.

"Our thoughts and prayers are not enough," Obama said.

Obama, reacting to the UCC shooting, called for action.

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His sentiment was echoed by Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin. He tweeted: Here's what will happen, moment of silence for #uccshooting on @HouseFloor, followed by moments of inaction by Congress. Victims deserve action.

ABC7 News caught up with the congressman at SFO. He told us, "I think we dishonor the victims by doing nothing. My tweet today expressed anger that Congress has done nothing, yet more and more innocent people are being killed by people who should not have guns."

Members of the NRA like Larry Barsetti call the shooting tragic, but say stricter gun control laws are not the answer.

"Someone who is nuts or wants to break the law will always be able to get a gun," Barsetti said.

Obama addressed the opposition. He said, "'We need more guns,' they'll argue. 'Fewer gun safety laws!' Does anyone really believe that?"

"What is sensible to him is not sensible to me at all," Barsetti said. "You have to protect and defend yourself."

It's an issue Swalwell hopes Congress will reconsider.

"All of the legislation that would address issues like this have been shelved and I think that dishonors the victims," Swalwell said.

The congressman flies back to Washington D.C. Tuesday. He says the moment of silence will likely happen Tuesday night.

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