Who will win? College football's most die hard fans live atop ESPN billboard in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The most exciting time for college football is upon us-- the College Football Playoff National Championship! The most die-hard fans entered a contest with ESPN to live on a billboard until their team is the last one standing, all with the grand prize of tickets to the game.

High above downtown San Jose, super-fans from across the country are perched atop a billboard for not only all of the city but the world to see, as they're live-streamed most of the day on ESPN3. Each billboard-dweller submitted a video to prove why they deserve to be there, representing their team.

Jeanette Kim lives in New York and roots for Notre Dame.

WATCH LIVE: College football superfans live atop ESPN billboard in San Jose

"I can't say I've ever lived on a billboard before, but now I can! It's honestly so much fun. They've been filling our time with media appearances so we've done some stuff on camera and talking to our fans a lot on social media," says Kim, as she sits in a fold-up Notre Dame chair, snacks and drinks nearby.

Reuben Hunter wanted to play for Oklahoma since the third grade-- and then did! Four years as a linebacker.

Hunter laughs, "The billboard is just as much an accomplishment! In fact, there are less people that made the billboard than played at OU!"

Llylas Ross is a veteran who now works for a communications company. His boss didn't believe it when he was chosen as the biggest Alabama fan!
"When I presented this to my boss, he called ESPN to make sure this was legit!"

The four fans eat, sleep and play games together and have become fast friends, despite their sporting differences.

Nancy Bolland lives in Florida but grew up in South Carolina. Her husband submitted her as the world's biggest Clemson fan.

"We have some great people here and we have a good time, other than it being cold," Bollard says, wrapped in a jacket, hat and sunglasses.

If the superfan's team loses they get kicked off the billboard, and the last two win the grand prize-- tickets to the big game and bragging rights.

"I want to apologize in advance when we win again, we'll do it again and bring home number 18," smiles Ross.

And yes, there is a portable bathroom available to the contestants, along with tents for them to sleep in.
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