ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: Surveillance video captures hit and run in Antioch; police search for driver

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- A disturbing video shows the moment a man was hit while walking his dogs in Antioch. while he was severely injured the man survived and is now seeking help to find the driver who hit him.

Clarke Stevens took a walk back to the scene of a crime for the first time. He was walking his Huskie's just a block from his home in Antioch on Oct. 2, when a car came careening around the corner.

"Hit me I bounced off the windshield, and landed on the street," he says.

Stevens didn't get a good description of the car at first. But luckily a neighbor's security camera was rolling. In the video, you can see Stevens on the ground after the impact, with the car next to him.

"They backed up, drove around and left me in the center of the street," he remembers.

Besides his head injury, which included bleeding on the brain, Stevens also suffered painful bruises to his leg and ankle. He says he's experienced dizziness since leaving the hospital.

Antioch police have been searching for the driver, and flyers are up around the neighborhood. But so far have just the description of the car, a white Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic with aftermarket rims, but no license plate.

Stevens is grateful that his dogs weren't injured in the crash. Now he's hoping witnesses can provide new clues or the driver surrenders to police.

"You don't do that to a neighbor. Come forward and take your medicine," says Stevens.
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