EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Professional basketball dancer, good Samaritan chase Castro Valley laptop thief

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Two strangers took the law into their own hands when they chased down a laptop thief in Castro Valley. (KGO-TV)

At first glance, Hannie Dong, a professional sports dancer having coffee with Misty Welborn, a delivery driver, doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. Except what happened to them earlier this week, makes their friendship unique and unlikely.

Monday evening, Hannie was working on her laptop at the Starbucks on Center street in Castro Valley, doing some coding and website work with the hopes of working one day in tech. Misty was having coffee with a friend across the room.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a young woman in a sweatshirt appears.

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"She was standing right next to the counter. She just swiped my laptop and started running out," says Hannie.

Misty recalls no other café patrons getting up to help.

"I just hear this woman cry give me my laptop! I looked up and saw a woman chasing her," Misty said.

VIDEO: Surveillance footage shows two strangers chasing down laptop thief in Castro Valley
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Two complete strangers work together to foil a popular crime happening in the Bay Area.

Without missing a beat, Hannie and Misty ran after the suspect and quickly approach her getting into a getaway car, parked just around the corner at Don's Body Shop.

"I felt like I had superhuman strength, I've never run that fast in my life before. The woman got in, I got the door back open and went in back after her. After some struggle, I grab my laptop, she pulled my hair, I just try to get out of her grasp," said Hannie.

Misty nods her head. "I think they thought they had a weak victim, but she's savage!"

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While admittedly, taking the law into your own hands isn't always the best idea. There are laptop thefts in the Bay Area on a daily basis.

In the East Bay, Sgt. Ray Kelly from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office says he sees at least two cases per week. He says he's glad for a positive outcome and is impressed by Hannie and Misty.

"In her case, she was courageous. She was not going to become the victim. She chased down the suspect and got her laptop back, and I say, we're hiring at the Alameda County Sheriff's office. So if she wants a job, please give us a call because we're looking for people like that."

In the meantime, Hannie and Misty plan on keeping their day jobs. But one thing is for certain. This is an experience both won't forget anytime soon.

"I just have such a great appreciation for this human being right here, I think she is amazing!" says Hannie as the women burst into a fit of joyous laughter for living through a very dramatic experience.

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