ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: Thieves steal ashes from rental car in SF again

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A family from El Paso, Texas flew to San Francisco to spread their loved ones ashes, but someone stole them from their rental car just minutes before the ceremony.

If this story sounds familiar, that's because we reported one just like it a little more than two years ago. On Thursday night, it was a happy ending for the family.

William Thomas Brennan and his sister grew up in San Francisco playing as children in the cave near Cliff House.

"Whenever I come into town I feel like it's my second home," said Susan Dubow.

It's also where Brennan asked his son to spread his ashes.

"My dad loved the city, he loved the city," said William Brennan.

The family parked their rental car at Cliff House on Wednesday.

"We went in for drinks and to wait for all the family to get there," said Dubow.

When they came outside, they saw the window smashed and the backpack with the ashes stolen.

"I lost it completely," said Brennan.

"I mean can you imagine, can you imagine, I mean ugh," said Dubow.

"I lost my dad all over again. I lost him twice," said Brennnan.

It's a pain another family visiting San Francisco for the same reason felt in 2017. Their loved ones' ashes stolen from a rental car at Fisherman's Wharf.

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Police responded after ABC7 News got involved and recovered the scatter tube.

The Brennan family says it only took one call to SFPD.

"They came right away," said Dubow.

While Brennan was looking for his father's ashes, police officers found them nearby on top of a vehicle wrapped in a sweatshirt.

"It was like one of those really, really bad days that turned out to be like a miracle," said Dubow.

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"I'm so thankful for them," said Brennan.

After losing him and finding him, the family spread William Thomas Brennan's ashes, fulfilling his final wish.

"He's free. He's free at last. Free at last," family members could be heard saying in a video they shared with ABC7 News.

Thanks to two San Francisco police officers who showed up and made a difference.

"We gave them too many hugs and kisses and we took lots of pictures with them," said Dubow.

"We did a really really long journey to get here and they made it happen," said Brennan.

"They saved my dad," he continued.
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