Berkeley New Year's Eve party featuring 90s acts deemed hoax

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A party billed as the Rocking New Year's Eve 90s Music Fest, to be held in downtown Berkeley is promising live performances from acts like Kci and Jojo, Color Me Badd, Next and SWV in addition to a champagne ball and three dance floors.

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Tickets start at $99. The only problem is that it's a scam.

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office sent out a fraud alert. They don't know who the scammer is but they are certain the party is not happening.

"When we spoke to the actual managers of the bands scheduled to play they told us, 'no, these bands are not going to be there.'"

Kci and Jojo alerted their fans to the bogus party on their Instagram page.

The invite website also mentions fundraising for the Alameda County Food Bank.

"If people are buying tickets to this and it is in fact a fraud, the money will not be coming here," said Michael Altfest of the Alameda County Food Bank.

"This is the time of year when food banks across the country are receiving most of their support," said Altfest. "To have somebody take advantage of that and take advantage of the community's passion for our work in that sort of way, it's pretty disheartening."

We called the number on the party's website and found it was inactive.

The scammers may have moved on so anyone who already purchased tickets should call the District Attorney's Consumer Protection Division.
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