Woman jumps from moving car to escape fake Uber in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- An incident involving a woman in Nevada provided a cautionary tale about the potential danger of ride-sharing.

Elizabeth Suarez saw a car in Las Vegas that matched the description of the Uber she was waiting for.

The driver waved her over and she got inside.

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She didn't realize he wasn't her driver until they were on the road and she got a call from the real Uber driver

When the man ignored her plea to pull over, Elizabeth jumped from the moving car to escape.

"I take a side profile picture of him, my flash goes off, startles him and that's when he starts cursing: 'Give me your wallet! Give me your phone! Give me everything you have!'", she said.

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She threw her wallet at him but kept her phone. Instead of letting her out, he sped up.

"That's when I open the car door and it's unlocked and I just jump out without thinking," said Elizabeth.

Surveillance video showed her on the ground. She suffered a head injury, a fractured wrist and badly broken ankle.

The driver is still on the loose.

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