Colorado family makes wheelchair for baby goat born with disability

A baby goat named Hope in Colorado is using a special cart to get around after she was born with a disability that prevented her from being able to move her back legs.

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Hope lives in a place called Ginger Snap Ranch with other rescued animals in Colorado Springs.

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The goat's family said her disability hasn't slowed the little goat down. "We called the vet and they wanted me to pinch her feet in certain spots to see if there was movement in her legs," Eryn Maggard said. "She had no movement in her legs, no movement in her tail. She eats like a champ and we put the diaper on her and she just scoots around the house."

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Hope's family made the special cart to help the adorable goat. The family said it's like a wheelchair that helps her get around, so she can play with her brother and sisters. "She is a pretty high-spirited baby and we couldn't imagine our lives without her," Maggard said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help raise money for Hope's medical bills.

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