Family says Las Vegas shooting victim Stacee Etcheber likely died trying to help others

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- The family of a San Francisco Police Officer's wife who was missing after the music festival shooting in Las Vegas has confirmed Stacee Etcheber passed away.

The Etcheber family held out hope for as long as they could.

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"It was an excruciating 24 hours of just not knowing where she was," said brother-in-law Al Etcheber.

"Largest mass shooting in US history, it's just beyond and for it to effect our family, you just never think it's going to happen to you," he continued.

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Al Etcheber says his brother, SFPD Officer Vinnie Etcheber, who was at the concert with his wife Stacee, told her to run as he helped victims around him.

"She probably didn't run too far, she probably turned right back around and wanted to be there with her husband that's just the person she was," said Al Etcheber.

Al along with members of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association drove to Las Vegas to help Vinnie look for Stacee who didn't have her cell phone or ID on her at the concert.

"We circled around and circled around and we just had this sick sense that the last stop was the coroner's office and that's where we found her," said Al Etcheber.

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In Novato, Stacee was known as a hair stylist. She also loved horses. Al says she was tough as nails.

"She drives a truck, she drives the boat, she pulls the horse trailer, she's a cowgirl," he said.

Her greatest passion though was raising her children, a 10-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl.

"To Olivia and Vinnie, we love you very much," said Al Etcheber.

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The San Francisco Police Officers Association is setting up a fund for the children.

"It will be a tough road ahead for the entire Etcheber family and the POA and the SFPD will be behind them the entire way," said SFPOA President Martin Halloran.

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"I know that he did the right thing and I want him to know that," said Al Etcheber referring to his brother's decision to tell his wife to run to safety as he helped others.

Friends and family will come together for a candlelight vigil in Stacee's honor at San Ramon Elementary School.

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