Family sleeps through crash where car landed on roof of Hayward home

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- Sky7 was overhead a dramatic crash in Hayward Tuesday morning, where a vehicle slid off a road and slammed onto the side and roof of a home.

Residents in the Hayward neighborhood woke up to the strange scene -- a Honda sedan on top of a home after going air born.

"Didn't even see this, didn't even know it happened," homeowner Earl Mowry said. He and his wife said they slept right through the crash. They left their house Tuesday morning without realizing the car was partially inside their detached family room. "He must have flown through the air because there's no marks on the road or on the grass," Mowry said.

CHP officials say the crash happened at around 2 a.m., but wasn't reported by neighbors until daybreak.

VIDEO: Officials investigate hit-and-run crash after car lands on Hayward home

Investigators say the driver was going down Fairview Avenue when they lost control, hit a guardrail on the corner of Arbutus Court and flew about 30 feet in the air before landing on that roof. "Hit the guardrail at a high speed, caused the vehicle to kind of catapult, landed right there," CHP Officer Noel Debudey said.

The driver left the scene so investigators are treating this as a hit-and-run crash. Despite the extensive damage to part of the home, the Mowry's are grateful nobody was injured.

"If it was Easter Sunday, it would have been a problem," Mowry said. "We had the kids out here playing ping pong and watching TV, but normally we don't have many people out here."

The family hopes their insurance will cover the costs of rebuilding their family game room.

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