Baby born on board flight, given free birthday travel for life

This baby just couldn't wait for his flight to land before being born.

"He did what he wanted," mother Cristina Penton said. "We were just all along for the ride!"

Penton, who was 36 weeks pregnant, was on a Spirit Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix. She was picking up her two children, Ramon, 12, and Lulu, 11. About 15 minutes into the flight, she began to have contractions.

Penton notified flight attendants that she was in labor, and fortunately, a pediatrician and a nurse were on board to help deliver the baby.

The plane was diverted to New Orleans and baby Christoph was born just 10 minutes after Penton's water broke. Even though he was born four weeks early, Christoph was born healthy at 7 pounds and 19.5 inches long.

"He is absolutely perfect," Penton said.

Big sister Lulu was sitting right next to mom as she gave birth.

Her mom said, "She got first class tickets to a good show!"

When Christoph's family shares the story of his birth, they can show off his birth certificate which will list Louisiana as his birth location and "Other - airplane" as his place of birth.

Penton's husband will meet the family in New Orleans and the family plans to drive back to Phoenix together.

Spirit Airlines has given Christoph a free flight on his birthday for him and a guest for the rest of his life.
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