Funny video or marketing stunt? Couple uses Diet Coke cans to announce pregnancy

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image none"><span>none</span></div><span class="caption-text">The McGillicuddy's Dad and Mom Diet Coke cans. (ThePatandDreShow / YouTube)</span></div>
Couples are constantly looking for clever ways to announce to their friends and family that they're expecting. But Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy may have trumped them all with this clever maternity spin on Coca-Cola's #shareacoke campaign.

The video starts off with Patrick and Whitney sitting outside drinking Diet Cokes. Whitney takes a sip of Patrick's soda and begins speaking in a very deep, masculine voice. The couple then start cracking open more Diet Coke cans, each providing them the ability to mimic a different celebrity's voice including Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Carrell. But the most satisfying soda comes at the end, with Patrick and Whitney revealing a Dad and Mom label on their Diet Coke cans.

The video is very funny and clever, but it's worth wondering if this is just another viral marketing tactic by a big corporate brand. McGillicuddy posted to Twitter a phone screenshot of a July 22nd conversation with Whitney that shows the beginning spark for the video.

On July 31st, McGillicuddy's account tweeted at the official Coca-Cola and Diet Coke accounts a link to the video with the message "Enjoy." Coca-Cola's account replied on August 1st, showing their acclaim for the video.

From there, the video exploded online, now with over 1.5 million views. One Twitter user even suggested to the Diet Coke account to have the couple do marketing for the soda brand.

Patrick and Whitney's social media profiles don't suggest them to be conspirators on a viral Coca-Cola marketing campaign. Patrick's Facebook page lists him as working as a DJ and also for The Church at Rocky Peak since March 2009 in the Los Angeles, CA area. His Twitter reads "Co-Host of The Pat and Dre Show. DJ/MC/Entertainer. Creator and Consumer of Awesome Stuff." Whitney's Twitter profile lists her as a wedding photographer.

While this video easily could be a Diet Coke viral marketing campaign, it seems more likely the product of Patrick and Whitney's strong creative chops. You be the judge, do you think this video was birthed by Patrick and Whitney, or the marketing department at Coca-Cola?
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