Great America celebrates its 75,000,000 guest

The Prosper family was Great America's 75,000,000 customer Labor Day.

California's Great America celebrated its 75,000,000 customer Monday.

The Santa Clara theme park had expected that guest to pass through the gates sometime Labor Day weekend and it happened around 10:30 a.m. The lucky winners were the Prosper family from Redwood City.

The foursome got a streamer-filled surprise of a lifetime and 25-year season pass to the park.

"We've never won anything like this before and 25 years, that's, that's a lot of visits to this park," said Mike Propser. "It'll be great. It saves a ton of money and you know it's just makes a lot of memories. We'll have a lot of memories here."

The park's general manager thanked the Prospers for coming to the park with the 25 year free pass.

The couple's daughters say they look forward to riding the water slides and roller coasters when they're older.
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