Heartwarming video proves invisible bond between kids and moms


How strong is the bond between a mother and a child? Strong enough that children know their mothers just by touch.

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In an uplifting Mother's Day ad by Pandora, children were asked to try to find their mothers using only touch.

Six mothers were lined up in a room. One by one, their children, ranging in age from three to nine, were blindfolded and led in. When it's her child's turn, it's clear from each mom's face that she is anxious to see whether the experiment will work. Each child touches the women's hands, face and hair, trying to find Mom.

Then comes the best part: When the children approach their moms, they nervously or excitedly nod. Many of the moms are tearful as they take off the blindfolds for a hug.

The jewelry company was smart to release the ad well ahead of Mother's Day, according to AdWeek, because it allowed time for it to gain popularity on social media. The video already has more than 20 million views from Facebook and YouTube combined.

Do you think you could pick your mom out of a line-up like this? Let us know in the comments.
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