Mom creates jaw-dropping 'Star Wars' nursery for her baby girl, and we're beyond jealous

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This mega fan said she wanted her daughter's nursery to reflect her love of both ''Star Wars'' and its strong female characters. (Image source: Becs Reed)

This story first appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

Who knew the day would come when we'd be utterly jealous over a baby's room? And yet, here we are - drooling over photos of a Star Wars-themed nursery, and wishing it was our own personal she-cave.

You can't blame us, though. The room -- created by new mom Becs Reed for her daughter, Vegas-Jack -- would make anyone jealous. With its bold pops of color, eclectic touches, and carefully chosen character memorabilia, this has to be the most creative, edgy, and downright badass Star Wars nursery we've ever laid eyes on.

And that's all by design.

As Reed tells Babble, when she found out she was having a baby girl last year, she couldn't wait to start piecing together the nursery of her dreams. But for her and her husband - two Star Wars mega fans - that meant creating a beautiful, inspiring room with ultra-modern design touches (and a side of Wookiee).

While she didn't grow up in a Star Wars family herself, Reed says she's loved the films since she was a little girl, and couldn't wait to pass on the magic of the movies to her own daughter.

And that she most certainly will ...

On the inspiration behind the nursery's theme, Reed shares:

"It wasn't like 'hey I love Star Wars (which I do) let's do a Star Wars nursery.' It was much deeper than that. It's the story and the strong characters in Star Wars that gives us hope, encourages us to follow our dreams, believe in others, work together, and to be kind and good. These are values I hope to teach my own daughter."

We can't help but agree. And while little Vegas-Jack's room is decorated with tons of Star Wars' most memorable characters, there's an undeniable girl-power vibe going on - from its bold pink couch to its Princess Leia wall mural. Even its "dream bigger than the moon" nursery print aims to not-so-subtly inspire future ambitions.

And there's a lot to be said about all the tiny details Bec so carefully chose. Just one peek inside this room, and you can quickly see just how artfully it was put together. As Reed explains,

"The orange stripes represent BB8, the black and white the Empire/First Order, the white fluffy rugs Wampa's, and the gold ottoman C3P0. The Leia art was the main focal point because she is such a strong confident female."

But despite ultimately providing her daughter with a gorgeous nursery, Reed found that most people assumed a Star Wars nursery could only be for a boy.

"Whether I was shopping for items or discussing the nursery," she says. "When I corrected people that I was having a girl I'd get comments that Star Wars is for boys and you can't do that, and so on."

After much debate (and even a few tears shed), Reeds' husband, mother, and friends all encouraged her to stay true to her idea and herself. And we're so glad she did. Ironically, though, Reed noted that as soon as Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out with Rey as a lead character, people were suddenly more accepting to the idea of a Star Wars nursery for a baby girl.

All in all, Reed spent two months alongside her husband putting together the nursery. "The night we actually finished, I went into labor early," she says. "She must of known ... The force is already strong with her!"

You can find more from Reed over on Instagram, where she often shows off photos of little Vegas-Jack, and gushes about her love of all things Disney.

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