'Quad Squad' parents happily at home with two sets of identical twins

Tyson Gardner realizes that his life is something like a sitcom, and he's OK with that.

He described his 3 a.m. routine with his four babies:

"It's hilarious, watching me go in the kitchen, back out, get the burp rag, put that baby down because another one's screaming, pick the other one up. One of them just barfed everywhere. Put the other one down, clean up the mess. It's constantly like that."

Tyson and his wife Ashley have two sets of identical twins, known to the internet as the "Quad Squad." The couple became an internet sensation in October, when a friend, Alicia Hallock, took a priceless photograph of Ashley's reaction when she discovered she was having not one baby, but four.

Ashley Gardner reacts to the news that she's pregnant with an extremely rare double set of identical twins.

"We both looked at each other in glee because we were like, 'Yes, we have twins!'" Gardner explained of the moment.

"Finally she looks over and she says, 'Guys, we have four babies here.' It was like, 'What?'" he recalled. "Every emotion possible ran through our bodies."

Indy, Scarlett, Esme and Evangeline were born December 28. Though their due date isn't until March 11, dad praised the doctors as he explained that all the babies are now happy, healthy and -- after trickling out of the NICU -- home.

"We just got all four of them home together last Saturday," he said. "It's been really nice to have them all under one roof."

In addition to documenting their journey on their blog, the couple will be featured in an upcoming TLC show out later this year about first-time parents.

Gardner hopes the show will capture the funny side of their journey, like when his 18-year-old sister learned the hard way how messy changing diapers can be.

"She had a blow-out," he said of one of the babies. "There was poo everywhere. All of Esme's dress, all over my sister's hand. But what do we do? We just laugh. We thought it was funny."

Gardner said he's aware how relatable their journey is, even for parents with one child.

"You don't realize how much work a baby is until you bring one home," he said. "I'm sure every parent can attest to that."

As ordinary as his life might seem at times, Gardner knows the odds tell a different story. After eight years of trying, the Gardners were told that in vitro fertilization would give them a 40 percent chance to have one baby.

Instead, they got two sets of identical twins, a 1 in 70 million chance.

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What made them so sure things would work out? Their faith, Gardner said. His voice choked up as he said he gets emotional reflecting on it.

"We almost gave up in our fight with infertility. We almost threw in the towel and said, 'It's never gonna happen for us,'" he said. "But he (God) gave us a blessing that we never knew we wanted, and it was beyond what we had asked for."

Gardner has thought a little about what the future holds for his four girls.

"I thought about all the boys knocking on my door," he joked.

But for now, he said he wants to enjoy the little moments, poop messes and all.

"We know there's a lot to look forward to," he said. "But we just want to enjoy them right now. They're just so perfect."

Read more on the Gardners' Facebook page and their blog.

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