Placer County 'super girl' goes viral, inspires internet

PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A little girl with a super hero heart is speaking out for the first time since her school photo soared across the internet.

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Kaylieann Steinbeach is a three-year-old from Placer county. She's not only brave with her choice of outfit, but brilliant in picking the perfect partner for her school picture.

She calls her Superman doll, "Pooterman," because she can't hear the letter "S."

Kaylieann is 75 percent deaf in both ears.

"Being deaf isn't necessarily a disability that you're still able to go out there and show, be yourself, be creative," said Steinbeach's mother Jami.

The deaf community has reached out to Steinbach's family since her dad posted the picture to Reddit. They're saying she's an inspiration.

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Steinbach says she loves helping people, just like superheroes.
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