Son almost recycles mom's VCR piggy bank with $6,000

Most people ditched their VCR's a long time ago but one Seattle woman kept hers around -- as her secret piggy bank.

That's why she freaked out when her son dropped off the video tape player at an electronics recycling facility. She had $6,000 hidden inside it and her son had no idea it was her secret stash.

When she found out it was recycled, she took off for the facility. "She was ready to crawl into the trucks Monday morning and go through on her own," said Mike Szanyi, an employee at the recycling facility.

"She told us and then we were all freaking out as a family," her son Todd Hwang recalled.

The good news is that after digging through 12 tons of electronics for several hours, the recycling employees found her VCR and the money was still there.

Her son is planning to trade the VCR in for a safe.
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