Dad shows fun way to put daughter's hair in bun

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This dad was a ''student'' in the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory class, and he mastered the ''dizzy bun.'' (DaddyDaughterHairFactory/YouTube via Storyful)

There's more than one way to put hair into a bun. And as this dad-daughter pair demonstrates, you can also have fun in the process.

The "dizzy bun" was taught during Philippe Morgese's Daddy Daughter Hair Factory class, and one "student" was smiling wide at how well his daughter's hair stayed in place.

As the pair shows, you start by putting hair into a ponytail with a hair tie. Then all the dad has to do is hold onto the end of a ponytail while the daughter twirls in a circle. As she twirls, the hair twists around itself. The dad helps guide the hair until it looks something like the spiral of a sweet roll. He then tucks the end underneath and secures it by slipping another hair tie over the first hair tie.

Morgese, a single dad in Daytona Beach, Fla., has been hosting free classes for fellow dads to learn to do their daughter's hair for about a year. He posted the bun demonstration from a recent class where they also went over pigtails.

Morgese said he teaches the class so that no dad has to struggle with how to take care of his daughter's hair. He does it with the help of his daughter, Emma, who he now refers to as his "assistant."

"It's not even about the hair, it's about the bond, it's about coming together and sharpening our skills," he told ABC in 2015.

There are more demos from the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory on the workshop's YouTube page, covering everything from how to place an elastic hair tie to advanced braids.
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