Ways to entertain your kids on a rainy Fourth of July

When you picture your perfect Fourth of July, does it involve the grass between your feet, the sun on your face and the smell of hot dogs on the grill? With Hurricane Arthur headed up the East Coast, this vision may not be a possibility for many.

As much as we equate "Independence Day" with "outdoors," bad weather doesn't have to ruin the holiday, especially if you have kids. We've gathered up some fun craft ideas so that if the rain drives you inside, your kids' pent-up energy won't drive you up the wall.

Can't go out and grill hot dogs?
Stay in and make a root beer float.

Flickr, [url HREF="https://www.flickr.com/photos/dolmansaxlil/12181772164/in/photolist-jysLsy-2wiiRe-DeWv-9XsnGT-bhMKZ4-aBEYra-Ryj6Y-4nRxMu-" TARGET="" REL=""]Sharon Drummond[/url]

Image: Flickr, Sharon Drummond
What's just as classic as hot dogs on the Fourth of July? Ice cream. And soda. Putting them together is basically the most natural thing in the world. It's so easy your kids can help, and, unlike hot dogs, these taste just as good when made indoors. Here's a quick and easy recipe.

Can't make it to a parade?
Bring the parade to you!

Pinterest, Bugaboo Blog

Image: Pinterest, Bugaboo Blog
Create a "parade in a box" by gathering American-themed costumes, noise makers, and accessories. Let the kids choose their parade items and then march around the house to the tune of their own DIY drum.
This blogger teaches you how to DIY a whole band.

Pro tip: An Independence Day parade is not complete without an appearance by Uncle Sam.

Pinterest, Christina Schumacher

Image: Pinterest, Christina Schumacher
(Instructions here)

Can't go watch fireworks?
Do a craft that plays off what your kids love about fireworks.

If your kids love the colors:

Pinterest, No Time For Flash Cards

Image: Pinterest, No Time For Flash Cards
Try this fun shaving cream and paint exploration that lets them learn which color combinations make what and get their hands messy, which is always fun.

If your kids love the explosions:

Pinterest, Preschool Powol Packets

Image: Pinterest, PreSchool Powol Packets
The classic baking soda and vinegar science experiment can be indoor friendly if you set up a designated space. This version uses red and blue to keep with the patriotic theme.

And remember: If a rainy Fourth cancels your fireworks plans, watching a spectacular show on ABC is almost like the real thing, but less noisy.
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