13 brave moms who let their toddlers dress them for a day

Any parent will tell you that toddlers certainly have a unique perspective on life. These brave moms let their little ones take over their closets for a day to pick out their outfits, with hilarious results.

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Last month I wrote a post about how I let my toddler, Rockwell, dress me for a week. (Check out the video below for how it all went down!) It was a lot of fun, and moms across the country started trying it out. A lot of people have asked me if I knew it would be such a big story, and the truth is, I had no idea! However, I love that motherhood made the front pages of BuzzFeed and Yahoo News for something so positive and upbeat. After all, it's so easy to get bogged down by the everyday struggles of motherhood, so it was refreshing to bring some silliness back into our lives.

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As a follow up, I wanted to share some of the other amazing moms who were brave enough to hand over their boss hats to their little ones and see which hat they put them in. The results are hilarious, silly, and wonderful. And don't forget to keep the trend going by using #ToddlerStylist on Instagram and Twitter!

Anna found out her son wants her to wear her old workout shoes more. He also has a flair for accessories.

(Anna Rich, Gilbert, AZ)

Betty Walker found out her daughter wants her to dress like it's a holiday party every day.

(@BettyWalker via Instagram)

We learn fast that kids are drawn to sequins. Right, Tina?

(@Boundable via Instagram)

Very impressive matching going on here, Meghan.

(@DocMegver via Instagram)

My little guy liked some polka dots, and so did Josianne's kiddos.

(@Etreradieuse via Instagram)

All of Kellie's pieces are adorable, but together it says, "My toddler dressed me."

(@FashionKellie via Instagram)

Jesi's kiddo put her in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee. Not super surprising.

(@Jesileighs via Instagram)

Kerry, you look perfect. I would wear both of those outfits!

(@Kezvonbushy via Instagram)

Melinda's gal is a girl through and through -- heels, flowers, and lace.

(@Moofy_Poofy via Instagram)

Strapless dress and Toms. Elisha's son wanted her to be elegant and comfortable.

(@Mylifeisabeach via Instagram)

That's some intense pattern mixing. You look great!

(@Tahna.J via Instagram)

Teresa found out what it's like to run errands in sparkly heels and a baseball cap.

(@TeresaTrasser via Instagram)

Yay for toddlers!

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