Seven last minute DIY Halloween costumes anyone can pull off

Was the Halloween spirit a little late getting to your house? Maybe you weren't planning on going out but now have a costume party to attend. Whatever the reason, pulling together a great costume with Halloween less than 24 hours away doesn't have to require a late night dash to the costume shop. Check out these seven super easy, last minute Halloween costumes that require little more than what you probably already have in your closet!

Not a talker? Maybe a mime if the costume for you. Black and white clothes and a little face paint are all it takes. But make sure to practice your "mime stuck in a box" moves before you head out the door.

Rosie the Riveter
This American icon is an easy one to put together. Put on a blue button down shirt, a pair of blue jeans and tie a red bandana in your hair. Bonus points for adding a swipe of bright red lipstick.

Despite being notoriously hard to find, Waldo is very recognizable. Grab a red and white striped shirt, a red beanie and some bold frame glasses. Feel free to pile on accessories like a camera, a cane, and a backpack.

Static Cling
Finally, something to do with all those single socks from the dryer. Stick them to you shirt and maybe rub a balloon through your hair for maximum static effect.

Here's another one that probably works with items straight from your closet. If you own a plaid shirt, you're already most of the way there. Use makeup you already own to add an orange nose and some rosy cheeks and you're good to go. Straw hat and straw coming out of your sleeves are optional.

Pumpkin Pi
Love a good pun? This one works for the geeks and the foodies too. Pull on an orange shirt and tape the mathematical symbol for pi onto it. Seriously, that's it.

Sports Super Fan
Now's your chance to really show that you bleed Yankee blue, Steelers black and yellow or Sharks teal all year round. Grab your favorite team's jersey, hat, scarf, socks, foam finger -- anything and everything -- and pile it on. Be prepared to lose your voice form chanting "We're #1!" all night long.
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