San Francisco man invents a comfy, zip-up suit

Jesse Herzog of San Francisco is seen here zipping up the onesie suit he invented called the "Suitsy."

A Bay Area man has come up with a comfortable invention.

San Francisco financier Jesse Herzog has invented the so-called "Suitsy".

It looks like a typical business suit worn over a white shirt, but hidden behind the buttons is a zipper that runs from the fly to the neck.

The sleeves poking out from under the jacket cuffs are fake and the shirt front is connected to the blazer.

Herzog demonstrated his invention on Good Morning America.

"So I was at work and was just thinking you know, I need a way to look professional but feel like I'm in my pajamas at the same time. Seems reasonable and also it's just a little bit more efficient way to get ready in the morning," Herzog said.

The suit is currently turning to crowdfunding through the San Francisco clothing label Betabrand.
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