FasTrak trial in limbo

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The court case involving FasTrak is running up against the statute of limitations.

The judge set a new trial date for January 2 - one day before the statute of limitations run out. If the trial doesn't begin then, the case would be dismissed.

Here's what's at stake. The lawsuit claims the tolling agencies illegally charged toll evasion penalties to thousands of motorists after the Golden Gate Bridge switched to all electronic tolling in 2013.

The agencies say they've improved the system, but want to keep their new policies a secret --- or we might use the information to avoid paying tolls.

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The toll authority tried to ban the public from the courtroom during testimony about those policies.

FasTrak operators are claiming the legal team that brought the lawsuit should be thrown off the case.

The defense attorneys are saying the lawyers improperly interviewed a former FasTrak employee.

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The class action lawyers say they did nothing wrong, saying this is a delay tactic to jeopardize the case.

You may remember the lawsuit claims FasTrak charged thousands of motorists who crossed the Golden Gate Bridge unfair penalties against.

Many never received toll invoices, and penalties piled up, sometimes into the thousands of dollars.

If the judge disqualifies the attorneys, it would probably mean the end of the class action lawsuit altogether, and would end the possibility of relief for thousands of motorists who believe they paid unfair penalties.

The judge says she will rule by New Year's Eve.

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