Preschool sweethearts tie the knot

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Saturday, July 1, 2017
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Matt Grodsky knew from the beginning that he would marry Laura Scheel.

Matt Grodsky knew right away that he loved Laura Scheel.

"One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday," Grodsky said on Instagram.

The two were close friends in preschool. They would recite movie lines from the Lion King, have playdates at each other's houses and Scheel even taught Grodsky how to draw and swing.

Grodsky said, "I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day."

The friends lost touch entering elementary school and would only see each other through family Christmas cards. In high school, they were able to reconnect through a mutual friend. Soon after, they began dating.

Even though they went to different high schools and went to college in different states, Grodsky and Scheel "remained a resilient couple."

On May 23, 2015, Grodsky took Scheel back to their preschool where their friendship began and proposed.

The couple tied the knot in December 2016, and Grodsky fulfilled his preschool declaration to marry Scheel, the love of his life.