Female suspect in standoff, hostage situation involving UPS truck in San Jose arraigned

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The woman whom police say shot at undercover sheriff's deputies after carjacking a UPS truck last week made her first courtroom appearance Wednesday in a San Jose Courtroom.

Twenty-three-year-old Joanna Macy-Rogers appeared in Court, shielded from cameras by her public defender.

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Macy-Rogers was arraigned on eight felony counts, four of them for the attempted murders of police officers. The others include kidnapping, hostage-taking and carjacking. She and her companion, Mark Morasky allegedly seized a UPS delivery truck last Thursday night in San Jose.

The violent ordeal started when undercover deputies approached their SUV parked at a light rail station. Police say they drove away with the deputies in pursuit. As they entered Highway 87, police say Macy-Rogers began firing a shotgun at the deputies' car.

"During this point, Ms. Macy-Rogers leaned out of the passenger side of the car and fired at sheriff's deputies, striking the car that the undercover deputies were driving at least four times," said Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alaleh Kianerci.

Macy-Rogers and Morasky finally abandoned their car. Police say they then took over a UPS truck at gunpoint. The truck made it to North First Street and Trimble Road, where dozens of police cars surrounded it.

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The UPS driver was later released.

Macy-Rogers also left the truck, surrendering to police. Morasky attempted to move the vehicle but police armored cars stopped it.

Morasky, armed with the shotgun, jumped out of the truck and at that point, police say an officer shot and killed him as he ran toward the public who had gathered at the scene.

The prosecutor says Macy-Rogers was not a reluctant participant.

"The evidence very clearly shows she's a very willing participant. She's the one who discharged the firearm at four police officers."

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Macy-Rogers family declined to comment.

Macy-Rogers is being held without bail and is expected to enter a plea at her next court appearance in March.
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