Fight involving 40 people ends in gunfire outside northeast Fresno store

FRESNO, Calif. -- Fresno police are investigating after a fight involving about 40 people ended in gunfire in northeast Fresno.

The fight broke out shortly after midnight at the Save On Liquor Store at Fresno Street and Shaw Avenue, and it moved into the parking lot.

Some of the people involved got into a red Mustang and a dark Dodge pickup truck and drove away.

Police say someone opened fire on the vehicles. One person in the Dodge was struck in the right arm and the right leg.

Investigators say an innocent bystander was also injured in the fight inside the store.

"Another guy just came in to get a soda...was standing there and had nothing to do with either group, and they really assaulted him," said Fresno Police Lt. Tim Tietjen. "Kicked him, hit him, and he's at the hospital, and he had nothing to do with either group. He was just assaulted because he was in the general area."

All of the victims from the fight were taken to Saint Agnes Medical Center for their injuries.

The person who was shot is expected to be OK.

Shell casings were found from Fresno and Shaw to Fresno and Bullard.

Police are reviewing surveillance video to help determine what led up to the fight.

At last report, no arrests have been made.
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