Ask Finney: Gold jewelry, medallion signature guarantee, bank refunds

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side's Consumer Expert Michael Finney answers your consumer questions.

Question 1:

@LyftCodeTrek wrote on Twitter: My wife bought 14-karat gold from a department store. When she went to sell it, they said it was only 10-karat.

Answer 1:

So, who is right here? The department store or the gold buyer? It could be either. Most gold jewelry is stamped with its Karat, so in this case either 10-k or 14-karat gold .Get a magnifying glass and check for that. Also, get a second opinion by taking it to another gold buyer.

Question 2:

Ed asked: Is a Medallion Signature Guarantee worth it?

Answer 2:

A medallion signature guarantee guarantees a signature is genuine. Banks and other financial institutions can offer the guarantee, but don't have an obligation.

You needing one is a tough question. It depends on your trust of the transferring parties and the underlying securities. So you can read more, here is a link.

Question 3:

Priscilla asked: I'm wondering how I can get my direct deposit back after it covered negative charges due to fraudulent activity? My bank denied multiple claims. What can I do?

Answer 3:

Okay, give your bank one more shot at this, and ask them, very specifically, why they are not returning your money. If they still don't give you the money, please forward their response and all the information about your situation to me, and I will look into this. Often when I ask, we get things cleared up quickly.
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