Fisherman's Wharf responding to Wednesday's midday murder

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Fisherman's Wharf is still reeling from the murder that happened in the middle of the day Wednesday. Some merchants are worried about safety, while others want to get the word out that the area is secure.

The Wharf's Community Benefit District is speaking out to reassure merchants and tourists that the area is heavily patrolled by police.

"We are one of the safest neighborhoods-- if not the safest-- in San Francisco. We have four regular sergeants that report to us. The captain is in touch with me. I have his cell phone number. This is a very safe place to be," Randall Scott said Friday morning. He is the district's executive director.

Scott points out that police responded quickly to Wednesday's murder and made an arrest. And that it was not a random attack.

"The two individuals knew each other, so it must have been of a personal nature instead of something else," he said.

But Angel Cincotta is worried. Her family owns the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company and says the area is getting worse.

"My sister and I would like to feel safe when we come to work in the morning or when we are here all night long. In the last six months, we do not have that safety net," Cincotta said.

She would like to see more than just police officers dealing with the area's issues.

"I think the health department should be able to use their resources to get everyone where they need to go. Maybe I am pipe dreaming but what the city is currently doing is not working," Cincotta said.
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