Temporary tattoos making a comeback in women's fashion

HOUSTON -- There's a new trend selling out in women's fashion stores. It's a statement-making conversation starter that looks like jewelry, but works like a temporary tattoo.

They're called metallic tattoos, and they're not just in style, there's a place in Houston that is selling so many that it's hard to keep them in stock.

When fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker visited Houston recently, she donned a cobalt-colored dress. But the real attention grabber was the blue and gold bird tattoo on her inner arm to match.

"It's new. To people, it's cutting edge," said store owner Krista Burks.

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KB Kasuals store owner put metallic tattoos on shelves this summer, and she says her customers love how creative they can be.

"You take them out of the package. You cut them. You can do it as a bracelet, ring, necklace," Burks said.

They're easy to apply. Just wet a paper towel and hold it on your skin for 30 seconds.

"It stays on four to six days. It looks trendy and shimmery," Burks said.

Fashionistas wear them from their backs to arms.

"It's definitely an attention-getter. I love showing them off and being able to cake them on as much as possible," said AshLee Frazier.

But Burks says they're not just for the trendsetters.

"We have sold them all over the board," Burks said.

Working professionals are wearing them as a bracelet or ring.

"At first, I was a little skeptical being able to pull them off in a meeting, but they're so simple and delicate that they almost camouflage with my other jewelry," said Kendra Ruth.

Even women over 50 are buying and trying them. Burks advises wearing them in one spot in addition to other jewelry.

"At first I didn't think they were appropriate for anyone over the age of 40, but I'm convinced that they are appropriate for anybody because they can accentuate your diamonds and be a very simple jewelry statement," one mom said.

When you're ready for a change, coconut oil takes them off.

A package of the metallic tattoos usually includes 50-60 tattoos and costs between $20-$30.

You can buy them locally at KB Kasuals or online at Lulu DK Lifestyle, Flash Tattoos, and Skin Jewel Tattoos.
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