North Carolina neighborhood shocked by KKK Christmas message

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Thursday, December 24, 2015
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A North Carolina community is outraged over messages left in people's yards by the KKK.

CHARLOTTE, NC -- North Carolina residents found Klu Klux Klan recruitment flyers wishing them a "merry white Christmas" on their yards this week.

WBTV reports many people called police.

Resident Tammy Messimer says she found the letter anti-Christmas. She said, "It's about Jesus and this to me has nothing to do with what merry white Christmas."

Granite Quarry-Faith Police Chief Mark Cook told WBTV, "That information is just nothing but ignorance and hate information that they're trying to spread and that's something that our community is not going to tolerate. We don't want that information in our town."

Cook says officers drove around and collected about thirty flyers after receiving complaints. Police say there's nothing in the flyer that's a hate crime or hate speech, though they would like to talk to whomever dropped them.

Cook said, "We're at least looking at charging them with littering and then contacting the state and local officials that deal more with hate crime involvement."

Police say the flyers are from a group based in Pennsylvania and seemed to be tossed in random locations.