Antioch Thanksgiving attendee says food 'tasted good'

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Contra Costa County Health officials say the 17 people who got sick started showing symptoms within 24 hours of eating a Thanksgiving meal served at the American Legion hall in Antioch.

They have yet to figure out the origin of the illnesses.

Nobody answered the door at Minerva Place and Minerva Place IV in Antioch Tuesday, where several residents got sick after eating a Thanksgiving meal, three died.

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Minerva Place provides care for the elderly. A third group home called Rose's Garden was also impacted. The owner said one patient was hospitalized, two members of the staff are sick.

The common thread-- they all ate Thanksgiving dinner at the same place, the American Legion Hall on West 6th Street.

"I'm said for all the families," said Christina Loyola Cabral. She is the dining room manager with loaves and fishers, which serves hot meals to the needy.

She was cooking lunch at the American Legion Hall Tuesday.

Thursday's meal was sponsored by the Golden Hills Community Church, the same food Cabral ate.

"Golden Hills served our food, Thanksgiving dinner and nobody got ill," Cabral continued. "None of us, and we all ate, brought plates of food home. It was wonderful, tasted good."

The church released a statement:We are fully cooperating with health officials and are praying fervently for the families who lost loved ones and for others who are sick.

The Contra Costa County Health Department is investing a number of possibilities.

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They're advising anyone who was at the holiday dinner to throw away any leftovers and to immediately call a doctor if you feel sick.
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