Asian flavors predominate in the 5 freshest new eateries to open in San Jose

Ready to check out the newest restaurant additions to San Jose? From a Thai chicken joint to two separate teahouses, read on to see the newest spots to make their debut around town.

Oros Thai Chicken & Rice

Photo: Hsiao C./Yelp

A South San Jose newcomer, Oros Thai Chicken & Rice, is located at 5663 Snell Ave. Khao man gai, the Thai version of the Hainanese original chicken-over-rice dish, is clearly the main draw at this counter-order spot.

The chicken is poached, the rice itself is cooked in the chicken broth, and it's all covered in a house-made sauce. You'll find pork, tofu and fried chicken options, too, plus side dishes of egg, chicken liver, mixed vegetables and salad.

Aloha Fresh

Photo: Antoinette Z./Yelp

Stroll past 225 Jackson St. in Northside and you'll find Aloha Fresh, a new Hawaiian poke spot.

The seafood -- salmon, tuna, shrimp and more -- is marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, then laid out in a case for customer perusal. Once you've selected your poke, choose a base of black rice, white rice or greens, then sides like macaroni salad, pickled onion or kalua pork.

Or, if you prefer, order your fish by the pound, and make your own bowls at home.

Buddy Teahouse

Photo: Patty I./Yelp

Buddy Teahouse is a spot to score tea and pan-Asian fare that recently opened its doors at 481 E. San Carlos St. near San Jose State University.

In terms of tea, diners can choose from boba milk, fruit milk and cream styles, in flavors like pina colada, mango pudding and lychee green tea. You're offered toppings, too, like coffee jelly and aloe vera.

As for food, expect six styles of ramen broth, from shio (salt) ramen to kimchi miso. There also smaller snacks, like basil popcorn chicken and Sichuan cold noodles.

Culinary Corner Bistro

Photo: Culinary Corner Bistro/Yelp

Culinary Corner Bistro is another pan-Asian spot, this one located in a modern-industrial setting at 321 S. First St.

A sampling of the small plates on offer might include soy truffle edamame, pan-fried potstickers and garlic green beans. The noodles, soups, salads and rice dishes are representative mostly of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

There are a number of pho options, including one with filet mignon and another that's vegan. You'll also find red coconut curry, lemongrass pork, and even a spicy Korean tofu.

Happy Lemon

Photo: Chris G./Yelp

Finally, Happy Lemon is a bubble tea, juice and smoothie shop that recently opened its doors at 5379 Prospect Road in West San Jose.

The new outlet of the Shanghai-based chain starts with a bright yellow color scheme. Visitors have lots of ways to get its signature bitter citrus flavors, from slushies to multiple tea options with fresh-squeezed lemons. Non-lemony drinks are available, too, from tea with pineapple and mango to a strawberry milkshake.