Avenues delight: 3 new restaurants in the Outer Richmond

Itching to check out the newest restaurants to hit the Outer Richmond? From Mediterranean to Asian fusion, read on for a list of the newest spots to open in the Avenues.


6101 California St.

Photo: pearl/Yelp

Pearl is a Mediterranean-style cafe with a California twist located at the corner of 23rd Avenue and California Street.

As we've reported, the employee-owned spot offers different menus tailored to morning, brunch, cocktails, dessert and dinner. Highlights include a daily quiche, fried strawberry rhubarb pie, smoked trout tartine, and the Tomahawk Chop, served with chili-cheese polenta and bernaise sauce.

John Heffron, formerly of Pizzetta, Blue Bottle, and Andytown -- and one of Pearl's eight owners -- runs the coffee program, which features both Blue Bottle and Andytown coffee, according to KQED.

With 4.5 stars out of two reviews on Yelp, Pearl has been getting positive attention.

"Pearl did not disappoint," Yelper Brianne H. said. "I love the feel of the restaurant -- very neighborhoody while still feeling classy. The space is bright and trendy, the service is friendly, and the food was delicious. I can't wait to go back to try more dishes, but I'll definitely be getting the baked ricotta again."

Yelper Amy W. noted, "For dessert, we spilt the warm rhubarb tart (which had an amazingly crispy crust) with black-pepper ice cream. All in all, a great time was had."

Pearl's hours are not online, but customers can book dinner reservations via the restaurant's website.

Grill Spot

2311 Clement St.

Photo: Grill Spot/Yelp

Grill Spot is a new Asian fusion spot offering grilled skewers and more between 24th and 25th avenues.

In the spirit of a modernized Japanese-style izakaya, the restaurant features a number of sauces, like Cajun, spicy mayonnaise, wasabi, and teriyaki, to accompany vegetable and meat skewer options. Notable grilled meat options include bacon-wrapped quail eggs, bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes, chicken hearts, and chicken gizzards.

Grill Spot has been receiving good reviews so far on Yelp, and currently holds 4.5 stars out of 31 reviews.

"This restaurant is smaller than I expected, but the decorations and lighting are really a plus for a date night," Yelper Kinnis K. said. "We will definitely come back again in the future."

Yelper Derek D. noted, "Brand new spot on Clement Street. The service was very friendly and welcoming from start to finish. The menu offers chicken, beef, and lamb skewers -- along with ramen, rice bowl options and small plates."

Grill Spot is open from 5 p.m.-10 p.m. on Monday-Wednesday, 5 p.m.-midnight on Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.-midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.-10 p.m. on Sunday.

Aceking BBQ

1820 Clement St.

Photo: Nancy S./Yelp

Aceking BBQ is a new haunt for scarfing skewers, barbecue and more between 19th and 20th avenues.

On the menu, look for items like fried bean curds, pork bellies, fish tofu, fish balls, Chinese cabbage, seaweed and "lunch meat." Yelpers also mentioned options such as Chinese sausage, yellow croaker, and oysters with garlic sauce.

Aceking BBQ's current rating of 3.5 stars out of 12 reviews on Yelp indicates the newcomer is finding its way, but it's still early days.

"First time here and the food was delicious," Yelper Dominick C. said. "We ordered a bunch of various kebabs and all of them were tasty. Really enjoyed the spicy mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Prices are good and the service was better."

Aly C. noted, "All the chicken skewers were standard. You can't really screw those up. Also, all their skewers were seasoned with some sort of chile-pepper flakes (not saying they're super spicy), but if you're someone who isn't into everything spicy, this may not be the place for you."

Aceking BBQ is open from 5 p.m.-12:30 a.m. daily.