Family eats cereal from Walmart with expiration date from the 90s

LAKEWOOD, Colorado -- This story is a good reminder to always check the expiration date on food.

A family in Colorado says they bought a box of Quaker Oats cereal at Walmart that expired 21 years ago.

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The mom said it wasn't until her family started eating it that they noticed the cereal tasted funny That's when they checked the date on the box.

"It looks like February 22, 1997," Anthea Carelse told WFTS, pointing to the box's printed "best by" date. The box appears to date back 21 years.

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"I had about two bites, and that was it," she said.

The family said they also noticed the cereal box looked much different from the version they looked up online.

They are waiting for a response from both Walmart and PepsiCo.

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