Healthy, delicious, easy recipes that will help boost your immune system

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- With coronavirus on the rise, it's important to take proactive measures to boost your immune system. The good news: the key to keeping your immunity strong is right in front of you, on your plate (and in your pantry or freezer). While a healthy immune system relies on a balanced variety of vitamins and minerals over time, which is why it's so important to ensure consistent, positive eating habits, there are 3 super booster vitamins that can help turbocharge your immunity. Jennifer Tyler Lee shares three easy ways to boost your immunity using vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables.

3 super booster vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6. All three of these vitamins work to support immune system function, and they also provide other added benefits like antioxidants for fighting free radicals and in the case of Vitamin C, iron absorption.

Key points:
Super booster vitamins = C, E, B6
Better to get vitamins from food than supplements
Keep these stocked in your pantry or freezer

Vitamin C: RDV = 75mg women, 90mg men (NIH info Vitamin C)
Vitamin E: RDV: 15mg women & men (NIH info Vitamin E)
Vitamin B6: RDV: 1.3mg women & men, up to 1.7mg for older people (NIH info Vitamin B6)

1) Strawberry Peach Smoothie = 70% RDI Vitamin C *for women

Based on one 16oz smoothie
70% RDI Vitamin C *for women
23% RDI Vitamin B6
5% RDI Vitamin E

Extra boost of Vitamin C:
Oranges for peaches boosts to 113% RDI *for women
Mango for peaches boosts to 90% RDI

Extra boost of Vitamin E:
Unsweetened almond milk for regular milk boosts to 54% RDI

Extra boost of anti-inflammatory properties by adding a teaspoon of fresh ginger

2) Chinese Chicken Salad = 73% RDI Vitamin B6

Based on 1 serving of salad with chicken
73% RDI Vitamin B6
38% RDI Vitamin C *for women
25% RDI Vitamin E

Alternative good source of Vitamin B6:
Salmon= 67% RDI

*could also mention toasted chickpeas here

Extra boost of Vitamin E
Add sunflower seeds to boost to 39% RDI

3) Fruit and Nut Granola = 17% RDI Vitamin E

Based on cup serving of granola

17% RDI Vitamin E

Extra boost of vitamin E:
Serve with almond milk to boost to 40% RDI
Swap almonds for walnuts to boost to 29% RDI
Swap sunflower seeds for walnuts to boost to 27% RDI

Extra boost of vitamin C:
Add strawberries to boost to 47% RDI
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