Snortable chocolate billed as drug-free way to get a buzz

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Questions are being raised over a new way to get a buzz from something that's inexpensive, widely available, and perfectly legal: chocolate.

The chocolate-based product is called Coco Loko and it's a powder that users can snort.

It's made from a blend of cacao powder, taurine, guarana, and other ingredients often found in energy drinks. .

The makers claim Coco Loko can produce an elevated mood and a state of euphoria similar to the feeling of ecstasy, and can give you a steady rush of energy without a crash.

They say it's been popular in Europe's club scene for two years now.

"I didn't consult with any medical professionals," said Rick Anderson. "I basically just saw what they were doing in Europe. There are no health issues; it's been out two to three years (and) everyone seems fine, it's very popular."

As far as any safety issues, no one knows for sure.

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