Special craft beer draws large crowds to Santa Rosa and Windsor breweries

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Despite the threat of rain people braved long lines for their love of craft beer.

A man in a plaid shirt shook hands with people in a long line. It's the only place and time of the year when a brewer of beer becomes so popular that you might mistake him for a politician. Not that Vinnie Cilurzo ever takes the crowds for granted.

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"I am always nervous the night before."

Cilurzo's acclaimed Pliny The Younger beer has returned to the Russian River Brewing Company for the 19th year, and with it, another layer of cult status among acolytes, some of whom travel thousands of miles for the experience.

"Pliny the Younger is what you judge every IPA on," said Jacqueline Muniz from Manteca.

The IPA is creating business which has added $3.5 million to the Sonoma County Economy last year alone.

The beer is smooth, despite an alcohol content of 10.25 percent.

"Full tongue taste comes at the back end," said one man at the bar. "There is a citrus note. Fantastic," added his drinking buddy.

No wonder the first person arrived in line at 11 am, Thursday. They say the socializing and wait add to the experience, though this year that line may not take eight hours because of a second brewery in Winsdor-you could call it the house that Pliny built.

Same three beers, three-hour limit.

"How many have you had," we asked Miguel Vargas of Santa Rosa. "Two," he said.

Vargas said after his third he is taking an Uber home.
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