Study: Low-fat diets may lead to early death

Just when you thought you were doing the right thing, sticking to a low-fat diet, a new Canadian study claims your chances of dying early increased by almost one-third than those whose diet includes butter, cheese, and meat. The research by McMaster University studied 135,000 adults in 18 countries.

Health officials warn that people who consume too much-saturated fat can result in higher risk for heart disease from higher cholesterol. However, the new study says people who consume a low level of saturated fat can see early death increase by 13 percent.

Everything in moderation is what many noontime workers were saying while ordering and eating cheesesteak sandwiches from a food truck on Front Street in San Francisco's Financial District. One of them was Andy Greenberg, who hails from northeast Philadelphia where cheesesteak sandwiches are famous. He says he only indulges once in a while.

"I'm cheating today. My doctor said to stay off the gluten and stay off the dairy, and I'm cheating on both counts," said Greenberg.

We also talked to renowned Chef Amaryll Schweitzer, owner of Boulettes Larder at the Ferry Building Marketplace,

"They are very healthful in so far as they boost your immune system. They are also have been shown in lots of studies to lower cholesterol, help with brain function, heart function," said Schweitzer.

Ultimately, it's up to each individual to decide what kind of diet to follow and how that diet makes you feel.
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