Taste The Town: inside Oakland's newest restaurants

Interested in checking out the latest restaurants to open around Oakland?

From Southern food to a new taco truck and a burger pop-up, read on for the newest hot spots.


Spicy chicken sandwich. | Photo: Andrew C./Yelp

Lovely's, which offers burgers and more, made its debut at 3758 Piedmont Ave.

The new eatery, which you'll find inside The Lodge, currently shares the kitchen with Abur-ya Japanese Fried Chicken, the downtown punk-rock fusion eatery.

Stop in between Saturday through Monday to chow down on a cheeseburger, a fried chicken sandwich, a chili cheeseburger, or a veggie option. Make it a full meal with the addition of chili cheese fries ($8), fried mushrooms ($7), hush puppies ($6) and regular hand cut fries ($5).

Creole Creed

Photo: Creole Creed/Yelp

Stroll past 2216 Broadway and you'll find Creole Creed, a new Creole and vegan spot, offering seafood and more.

According to the website, "Creole culture, which is is defined by its mixture of African, European and Indigenous influences, is centered around food, creativity, and faith."

You can find the new family-owned restaurant inside Plum Cocktail Bar in the Uptown District. Founders include grandmother Theresa Sonnier, meme Joyce Sonnier, daughter Queen Shabazz and mother Tekia Anderson.

On the menu, you'll find finger foods like salmon croquettes and Creed fried chicken, a baked smokey mac and cheese, shrimp/crawfish etouffee, Meme's rice and Grandma's smothered cabbage. (Explore the full menu here.)

Tacos El Novillo

Burrito de lengua w/ sour cream and cheese. | Photo: Linda P./Yelp

Stop by 4339 International Blvd.to visit Tacos El Novillo, a new spot serving tacos, burritos and more.

You can find the taco truck posted up in the parking lot of Los Mexicanos Market, located on the corner of High Street and International Boulevard. It's from the same group behind the El Novillo Taco Truck, which once used to operate out of Guadalajara Restaurant's parking lot.

You'll find tacos with protein options like, chicken, chicharrones and grilled meat, along with burrito options, such as the burrito with lengua, sour cream and cheese.