Newly released audio reveals moments after 'ambush attack' on Fremont cop and deadly police shooting

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Friday, April 19, 2019
Audio reveals moments after 'ambush attack' on Fremont cop
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Fremont police say they were ambushed, with a man reportedly firing several shots at a police car in front of Washington Hospital. Here's what police discussed moments after.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Fremont police say the man officers shot and killed Thursday night ambushed an officer.

Captain Fred Bobbitt gave details on the shooting Friday morning. He said the man, who has not been named, shot randomly at an officer who was driving past Washington Hospital on his way back to the Fremont Police Station.

The officer called for backup and two other officers who were on routine patrol came to help. The man pointed his gun at them and officers shot and killed him.

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No officers or bystanders were injured.

Here is some of the police dispatch audio from the shooting.

"As of right now, there was one shooter. So, we don't know any other confirmed intel on a second."

"Copy that."

"Fremont PD is working on a possible active shooter at Washington hospital."

"Is our scene Code 4, we only have one shooter and he's down?"

"He only shot one shooter."

"So confirm, no one outstanding? No suspects outstanding?"

"Confirm. No one outstanding."

"Suspect has stopped moving, but the firearm is under his right arm, underneath his body. So we are going to have to hold here for a few minutes."

"Have them secure the lobby on the west side for Washington west. We got people directly in the line of fire behind the glass."

"Per Ramirez, he says there was a white SUV that he says may been associated or that was being shot-at. Just FYI"