'Frozen 2': Oscar-winning songwriting team pens new tunes for sequel

ByGeorge Pennacchio KGO logo
Monday, November 25, 2019
Oscar winning songwriting team pens new tunes for 'Frozen 2'
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The Oscar winning songwriting team of Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez pen new tunes for the animated musical 'Frozen 2'.

Audiences are already warming up to the animated sequel, "Frozen 2." Oscar-winning team Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez worked on story and song for "Frozen 2."

Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, has another big song in "Frozen 2" called "Into the Unknown." Panic at the Disco performs the same song in the credits. Plus, Jonathan Groff's "Kristoff" has a power ballad in the movie.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have sung a song by Bobby and Kristen Lopez," said Groff. "They're incredible, incredible songwriters."

"We are so excited for the world to hear what Jonathan has done! It's so beautiful and I'm really hoping that it empowers people everywhere, including men, to really feel their feelings in a big way," said Anderson- Lopez.

Story can do that, too. And one of the stars new to the franchise--a self-confessed Disney super fan--knows that well.

"I am that guy who loves the storytelling that animation allows," said actor Sterling K. Brown. "Right now, I think Disney does it better than anybody else because their animation has always been top notch. But the stories are the ones that keep pulling you back time and time again."