With Authority: Gabe Kapler 1-on-1, and an honest Giants analysis

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Giants' decision to hire Gabe Kapler was not met with much fan fare. In fact, the announcement tweet was immediately ratioed.

We try to provide a real and honest analysis of why the hiring of the Giants' 39th manager was received the way it was, and why the team firmly believes Kapler is the guy for the job.

This episode also features an extended one-on-one interview with Gabe Kapler himself.

Is Farhan Zaidi staking his reputation on this hire? Or was Kapler going to have a tough time filling the legendary shoes of Bruce Bochy no matter what happened in the past? We get into all of it here.
"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 31 - Recorded November 12, 2019

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