Gamers shocked by Madden shooting, say e-sports tournaments can get heated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (KGO) -- Redwood City-based EA Sports sponsored the Madden NFL tournament in Jacksonville.

The company sent ABC7 News a statement about Sunday's shooting, saying, "This is a horrible situation and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved. We are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage."

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Complexity Gaming Founder Jason Lake says one of their gamers was injured. "He was playing when shots rang out. He believes the person next to him was shot. It grazed his thumb. He's not severely injured and ran out down the street."

"It's sad. It's sad," said competitive gamer Nate Christy, who reacted with shock about the shooting. "This is the last thing I'd expect to see happening at a gaming tournament. I'd treat this as a competitive sport."

And like any sport, Christy says some gamers can get carried away by the intensity of the game. "I do see some competitors get a little 'salty.' That's what we call it."

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