All 36 Oakland Ghost Ship victims ID'd, families notified

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Meticulous detective work by the ATF continues Thursday morning as investigators try and pinpoint the cause of the Oakland warehouse fire.

All 36 victims of the fire have been identified and their families have been notified.

They aren't letting the rain slow them down and it hasn't stopped raining all morning. Crews pulled out canopies on the big ATF bus stationed in front of the warehouse. Agents say they could be out here for days and still not know the fire's cause. The investigation will continue even after they leave the scene.

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They still have a block of 31st Avenue shut down at International Boulevard for use as a staging area for their team, but some other streets in the Fruitvale around the scene of the fire have reopened.

Those who use the streets to park for the BART station are glad to have the spots back, although the sadness is still heavy here.

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ATF agents say they have figured out the fire started on the first floor and they have been looking at an area where there were some appliances, including a refrigerator, but they do not know yet for sure where the fire started.

Agents don't have a timeline for when they will have this wrapped up. They are being careful and thorough, not impacted by the rain still here.

This tragedy had the largest number of fatalities in a fire in the U.S. in 13 years.

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