Giant inflatable duck joins traffic rolling down Iowa street

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Stop, duck, and roll!

The commute on SE 6th Street in Des Moines got a little dicey Thursday after some major rubbernecking.

A giant inflatable rubber duck wearing giant inflatable sunglasses rolled on its side down the lanes of an Iowa street as cars drove by in the opposite lane. One car going the same direction even had to maneuver around the colossal commuter.

"The car behind is like, 'What am I supposed to do right now?'" one witness says in the video.

Curious onlooker Marc Wallace filmed the incident from inside as Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything is Alright)" played in the background while the massive mallard rolled into light poles and mailboxes.

One witness says the untethered balloon had been displayed to promote a local duck derby that raises money for youth services.

Who gets the bill for any damage in the fowl incident is as yet unknown.